What the Moon left behind

In a world where human civilization has been all but wiped out, and the last humans are rummaging through the remains, a strange ship enters the sky.

This alien invasion was like nothing else they had seen before. A highly intelligent species, the aliens had copied human DNA and assumed human form. Now it was up to them to figure out how to live as humans on this strange planet…

However, humans wouldn’t go down without a fight. This novel explores the complicated clash of cultures, with two worlds colliding and creating something new.

In the midst of all the turmoil, two women find love and hope. Will that be enough to get them through the post-apocalyptic times? Or will they have to develop some new skills, become someone they’d never thought they’d be?

There’s no other way to find out than diving straight into this imaginative, adventurous, and suspenseful sci-fi novel.

The author is an expert at storytelling and worldbuilding. Not every post-apocalypse is the same – some are more creative than others. And while alien invasions are a common trope, this novel takes a unique and clever approach that will astonish you.

The characters that populate this strange world all have their own goals and motivations. However, once things come to a head, they will have to choose a side and fight for what’s right.

When all hope seems lost, will it be the love that saves them?

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Below is an image of the battle of Virgina a scene in the book done by Pvt_manu

First Chapter

Gary saw the flash of light coming toward him, but there was nothing he could do.

Instinctively, he covered his face, as the blast struck the tank. His radio fell and his computer rattled, as the tank shook. He prayed that the treads stayed up, because if the tank stopped, they would all be sitting ducks.

He looked at his reflection in the window. His brown hair was disheveled and his face worn. So much of him had changed in such little time. Sometimes, he could barely recognize the man in the mirror.

When the invasion started, Earth’s military companies quickly ran out of modern armour and had to rely on museum pieces like the tank he was currently commandeering. They retrofitted this World War Two relic with heavy turrets of thorium power and shield generators that had been reversed engineered from the alien tech.

It worked well, but there were moments when the stolen alien shield dropped and he was left with only the good old-fashioned earth armour.

Once the tank stopped shaking, he leaned forward and peered into the scope.

“Where had the shot come from?” he whispered, as he searched the area.

Then he saw it. One hundred feet away, was a skimmer, hovering five feet above the ground. It was alien tech, shaped like a trapezium, with smooth, round turrets and a cannon at the front. The skimmer trembled, as it prepared its superheated matter for another attack.

Gary grabbed the radio from the ground.

“Prepare fire,” he shouted, as he banged on his computer, preparing his attack.

He felt the hair on his skin raise, as a charge flowed through the air.

“Come on,” he urged, watching the computer screen.

They were both preparing their attack, it was now down to whose weapon would be ready first. Gary gripped his chair, as the tank shook. The tungsten bolt shot out of the barrel and shattered the alien’s shield. He kept his attention affixed, as the remaining kinetic energy slammed into the hull of the craft and the skimmer’s reactor exploded.

He breathed a sigh of relief before peering into the scope to search for other potential threats.

“Contact left metal head!” his machine gunner, Sam, shouted.

Gary saw the shadow making its way through the smoke of the explosion. It was an alien foot soldier. A seven foot tall, grey-skinned beast on steroids. It had two arms with two fingers each on its left side, one on top of the other and where its right arm should have been was a grey cylinder. Gary had seen enough of them in battle to know that the creepy cylinder shot high pressure acid.

They called this creature, metal head, because a solid metal helmet covered its entire head, giving it the appearance of a metal ball.

“Fire,” Gary shouted, into his radio.

The tank’s machine gun hit the beast three times. It stumbled back, as the shield around it broke. It screamed, raising the cylinder. Five more shots hit the creature, piercing into its skin as red mist shot out from each strike. The beast howled, as it crashed to the ground.

The boffins said the troops were genetically engineering soldiers that were thrown into the fray again and again. He’d faced them time and time again, during his two years of battle. The first time was in the battle of Warsaw, where they fought the retreat down through Lviv and into Bucharest. Now, he was in Kazakhstan, fighting alongside the remains of Eastern European and Russian troops.

As he peered into the scope again, he wondered about his home, Great Britain. He hoped they were holding out.

When the aliens arrived, they’d knocked out most of the satellites, so communication was difficult.

Cheers erupted on the radio.

He aimed the scope at the new rocket heading to the newly established Mars colony. It was carrying essential supplies, and more importantly, refugees. He smiled to himself as he thought about her.

She was quite a girl.

Cute and brave, his Russian comrade was off this rock, heading to a place where he and the others hoped would be the new future of humanity.

An explosion brought him out of his daydream. He refocused his scope once again, seeking out the next target.

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